The Residence is placed on an excellent location in a little village with only 20 Inhabitants, also called Tuscany. The ancestor’s house was built in 1784 and restored in 2013. For the restoration domestic materials were used with extreme regard to details. The entire bio-dynamic farm on a surface of approximately 2 hectares, enclosed the attached ground. The building is divided into three luxurious parts. One part offers an indescribably splendid flat on 250 m², including a living room with a fire-place, kitchen, dining-room, precluded space for office work, and the loft in Karst style with a VIP bedroom and bathroom. The lower part with a double-bed room is connected to the wellness center with aromatherapy sauna and is entirely restored in Karst style. The house furniture is completely made of massive wood (oaken, massive rustic floor, steps, windows and doors, decorative furniture is made of walnut and its massive roots) which creates an elegant and relaxing atmosphere. Minimalistic decoration with Valentino ceramic tiles. Wash basins, baths and accessorials in bathrooms are made of massive wood. Five bathrooms have the pavement of massive and thermically treated wood which gives a pleasant coffee smell to the inner space. In restoration works Slovene, Italian and Swiss architects were involved. The group Adesign from Milan projected the interior design. An apartment arranged in the same style occupies the ground-floor in which the living and the sleeping areas are directly connected. There is a bathroom as well. The apartment is intended for the staff. In the second part there are a bedroom connected to the wardrobe, a bathroom and a smaller room. On the ground-floor there is a living room attached to the library. A wood stove and old ceiling beams give a warm domestic atmosphere to the kitchen and the dining room.


You can experience your inspirations in the ecological orchard amid domestic animals with a relaxing view on the surroundings. You can prepare by yourself your favorite meals in the »bread-stove« of the outdoor summer kitchen, supplied with an additional fire-place, refrigerator and dishwasher. A longue connects the flat to a massage whirlpool for 6 persons in use all the year long with water temperature up to 39°C. Nearby there is an adjustable calèche suitable for relaxing in the summer shadow under a natural fig-tree and a mulberry tree. The residence has it closed and protected entrance and its own parking area. Internet links are available inside and outside.

In case of long term renting you can also keep two thoroughbred horses of your own in the independent lower part of the house with an exit to the race-course or if you simply want to go riding. The whole residence is completed by a marvelous arched wine vault where you can refresh yourself with a glass of home grown Teran wine and the homemade ham and other regional specialties.


All the seasonal basic food products, wine, homemade fruit juice, ecologic vegetables and fruits directly cropped in the garden and in the orchard. Home eggs daily available.

The Residence is mainly intended for guests who desire to spend their time in quietness, enjoying in relax and wellness, far away from the city noise. Furthermore, we’ll be happy to satisfy any other wish of our guests, especially the hunting of black and white truffles.


The village is 8 km distant from the nearest city and 10 km from the Italian border, 15 km from a smaller private airport and 100 km from an international one, about 50 km from an airport on the Slovene coast and about 40 km from the nearest airport in Italy. There are only 25 km to the nearest beach on the Adriatic sea. Not far from the Residence there are long and not particularly difficult cycle tracks, lanes for walking and theme paths. Riding through the picturesque Karst landscape can be a very exciting experience. At 12 km from the Residence there is a golf course with 9 play fields, a golf drill field and two greens for practicing. The golf course is 3163m long, par 37, cr 71,9 and sr 116.

Thanks to favorable weather conditions, the golf course has the advantage to allow playing all over the year. In the proximity of the golf course there are stables with thoroughbred Lippizaners and sheds well as open fenced spaces for riding.

The whole Karst is interweaved with huge caves and the so called rock-shelters. On special request we organize visits to the caves, guided by experienced Karst speleologists. The most famous and the biggest world cave at a distance of 25 km has 21 km of cave tunnels and a wonderful hall in which enormous curtains made of stalactites and stalagmites perform a unique spectacle created by nature in the underground world during thousands of years. The cave hides another curiosity, the so called »human fish«, the only cave-dwelling chordate species found in Europe, scientifically named Proteus or »cave salamander« notable for it’s adaptations to life in complete darkness.


Thanks to its geographic position Karts has the advantage of a favorable climatic conditions for cure and recover from pulmonary illnesses. Situated at 400 m above the sea and 5 km of bee-line from the sea, it is covered with a rich vegetation in which favorable climatic characteristics are mixed. Air pollution is insignificant in this area. Special benefits can be achieved by cures in uterranian caves mainly for asthma and bronchitis.

We speak English, Italian and French.